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"I Could Totally Make That!"


Sit back and let me pour you a glass of tea as I introduce myself and tell you why I am obsessed with crafting!

Crafting for me is like the first cup of coffee in the morning, it warms you and gives you LIFE.

I can't even remember where my crafting journey began, I assume it wasn't to long after my mother left the delivery room, I just hope it was after. Eeek.

So let's get into it, my top 3 reasons I love to craft, read em and weep.

Making something out of thin air! Pretty cool right?

I am always on a mission to find inspiration as I am out and about, popping around the shops, or in some place new. Sometimes you can't find exactly what you are looking for and you just have to make it! Crafting gives you the opportunity to imagine something into existence.

Mental health benefits, stress relief, and creative release.

Lotsss of advantages, and a little tiny con of needing a back massage afterwards because I hunch over my creation for hours on hours. A small price to pay for blissful peace.

Learning about the people I love from seeing what they create.

If I had a room full of artworks, with my friends & family sprinkled in, I could pick out my squad and match each person to who created it. Go ahead and test me, I double dog dare you. Challenge aside, you really can learn a lot. Are they more realistic or abstract? Are they quirky or serious? Do they stay in the lines? Has their art evolved since you knew them?

Really riveting stuff here. What I would love to know is what have learned about your friends and family from watching them create in the comments below!