Learn to the art of weaving a dreamcatcher and keep those icky dreams at bay!  Display this symbol of comfort and protection in the room that needs it the most.


This project is beginner friendly, believe us, we tested it ;).  We want you to sit back, relax, and craft! 


Personalization is high on the priority list for CRFT CLUB.  You can choose between raffia or leather to wrap your hoop in, see the photos for examples. You could also not wrap the hoop at all and keep it gold, your choice!  We also give you enough decorations to decorate two dreamcatchers (even though this kit is to make one dreamcatcher.)  There are so many fun designs you could do, we can't wait to see! Because we give you plenty of options to play, each kit will have leftover materials. We encourage you to use the scraps to create something new (idea for you, the leftover beads would make beautiful dainty necklaces!)


Each kit comes packaged in a home sewn reusable giftbag and handmade embossed tags. Now is the perfect time to leave a special gift for someone on their doorstep, no reason necessary, and we got you covered with everything you need! If you would like to give the kit as a gift, let us know, and we will write in their name and a message.


Free shipping on all orders in the U.S.A!



    Floral bundles & beads will vary by kit, we chose a nice assortment of colors for each kit. 


    Candle in photos is not included


    This listing is NOT for the completed dreamcatchers, it is a DIY kit for you to learn to create the finished piece.

    Dream Catcher DIY Kit

    Material to wrap hoop
    • What’s included:

      • Beginner friendly step by step tutorial
      • approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes of project time
      • Gold hoop
      • Raffia or leather (material to cover the hoop, of your choice)
      • Wax cord
      • Ribbons & trims bundle
      • Faux floral bundle
      • White Feather
      • 15 Decorative Glass Beads
      • Wire
      • Home sewn reusable giftbag & handmade embossed tags
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