Keep that mask close and keep it clean with our Mini Mask Lanyard DIY Kit! This is the hottest maskcessory of the season.  Slip your mask on and off with ease without having to touch your mask or your face.  The linen bag the kit is packaged in doubles as a mask carrying case that lets your mask breath between wears.


At CRFT CLUB our goal is for no two kits to turn out the same.  Customize your kit by  choosing 6 colors from the color chart pictured prior to check out.  You can pick colors that match your favorite mask so you can get the head to toe look! 


This listing is NOT for the completed mask or mask lanyard, it is a DIY kit for you to have fun and learn to create!

Mini Mask Lanyard DIY Kit

  • What’s included:

    • Beginner friendly step by step tutorial
    • approximately 1 hour of project time
    • Linen drawstring bag (perfect for carrying your mask and lanyard in!)
    • Thick Macrame cord
    • Thin macrame cord


    * Each kit comes with 6 spools of colors, prior to check out, please indicate which colors you would like included. If you LOVE a certain color, you can get 2 spools of one color. Ex (1,1,5,14,20,7). Or if you want me to pick, I would be pleased as punch, just indicate in the field.

    • 6 embroidery floss colors of your choice!
    • 2 aligator clips
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