Tie dye is the hot trend and masks are the hot accessory, let's save some time and combine these two in our Tie Dye Mask Kit!


These masks are handmade and are super chic!  They fit close to your face and have no extra bulky fabric.  You can make your own with our free mask pattern and tutorial on the site here.


Not only can you tie dye your mask, but this kit comes in a cotton canvas zipper pouch that can also be tie dyed!  The projects are small enough that you can safely tie dye in your home, or take it outside if the weather permits!  


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What’s included:

  • Beginner friendly step by step tutorial which show you 3 different tie dye techniques
  • Dye and mixing guide to help you achieve the color you desire
  • approximately 2 hours of project time
  • 1 handsewn facemask (fits most adults)
  • 1 zipper pouch
  • 5 tie dye colors
  • 5 Pipettes
  • Rubber bands
  • Rubber gloves


Ear attachment colors will vary by kit.  You will receive either a nude or a white. 


This listing is NOT for the completed tie dye mask, it is a DIY kit for you to learn to create the finished piece.


This mask is not a medical facemask.

Tie Dye Mask DIY Kit

Number of Masks Included
  • Wash your items after you rinse the dye in warm water and with like colors.  Wash the mask on delicates there after.  Be sure to remove the filter before washing.  Hang to dry out of direct sun.

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