We are on a mission to inspire connection through crafting.  Whether you are connecting with yourself, an old friend, or a new one, amazing things happen when we create together.

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We only use high quality supplies and lots of them!  We want your finished piece to celebrate your personal style and flair! This is not a paint by numbers situation, goal is, no two projects look the same.


Sure it is easier to buy new, but it is wayyy more fun to create it.  We give all scraps a new life by making them into projects.  All packaging is reusable (and cute).  We try to reduce our use of excessive plastic. We love to give you idea's for your scraps!  


We focus on projects that are on trend, useful, and easy to display.  Our finished projects look so good, you can hardly tell they are handmade.  We want your friends to ask "where did you get that" and you proudly reply "oh this, I made it!"


This is a party not a classroom.  Come alone, come with friends, either way you will want to mingle because crafting is not a solo activity.  We create our best work together!



Founder of CRFT CLUB

I am a girl who believes life is better in a dress, is a notorious lyric messer upper, and is obsessed with DIY & crafts.

I grew up in a small town in Ohio, much like Stars Hallow from Gilmore Girls, where we had to learn to make our own fun.  When we weren't pranking each other, you could find us huddled over our latest DIY obsession. 

See, my mommy and my mommy's mommy were born crafters, At any given chance, they would pass that knowledge on to us.  My mother made sure I was always surrounded by supplies and tools that inspired me to be creative. Most people are sent to college with a care package, I was sent with a craft box.  

So from my crafting girls nights to my family craft classes, my best memories are when I am creating with the people I love.  I want to share this experience with all of you, which is why I created CRFT CLUB. Each small part of this business is a little part of my heart.  I hope to see you at the CLUB.



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